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Listed below are some of our most popular cultural tour and trek itineraries. We will work with you on customizing these tour arrangements to meet your interests and needs.


Paro Tsechu (March/April)

The Paro tsechu in spring and is one of the most popular tsechus in Bhutan. People come from neighbouring districts to participate in the festivity. The Paro tsechu commemorates the opening of the gateway to the pilgrimage site of Tsari in eastern Tibet by the founder of the Drukpa School of Buddhism, Tsangpa Jarey.

Dances such as the Dance of the Lord of Death and his Consort (Shinje Yab Yum), the Dance of the Lords of the Cremation Grounds (Durdag), The Black Hat Dance (Shanag), the Dance of the Drum from Dramitse (Dramitse Ngacham), and the Dance of the Eight Kinds of Spirits (Degye) are some of the dances performed at the Paro tsechu. The Paro tsechu usually falls in March or April.



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